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In 2015, an unprecedented opportunity arose to revolutionize Booz Allen Hamilton’s digital footprint. As Lead Associate, and concurrently, Product Designer and Owner, I orchestrated a two-year developmental odyssey that shattered preconceived notions in branding, UI/UX design, and content management.

The Challenge

Orchestrating Massive Content Migration

We were tasked with a Herculean challenge: the migration of an overwhelming 22,000 assets and 300 domain names to Adobe’s hosting infrastructure, while transitioning from AEM 5.6 to 6.1 and implementing a sophisticated AWS multi-server stack. Yet, this monumental migration was merely the curtain-raiser to our magnum opus—reshaping the entire content experience paradigm.

Incubation Phase

Elevating User Experience to an Art Form

Our approach to user experience was nothing short of artisanal. Leveraging a myriad of UX tools from Persona Development to Heuristic Analysis, each stage was meticulously sculpted to create an intuitive, frictionless user journey. Market research seamlessly aligned our vision with both B2B and B2C user profiles, while Journey Mapping served as our lighthouse for groundbreaking content delivery.

Design Innovation

The Advent of a User-Centric Content Ecosystem

Guided by a visionary principle—that every page should be a user’s ‘page one,’ irrespective of traditional navigational structures—we embarked on an ambitious venture. In close collaboration with cross-disciplinary experts, we outlined a strategy for an enterprise-level platform engineered for personalized content dissemination.

Strategic Impact

Shattering Traditional Content-User Dynamics

By severing content from its conventional navigational moorings, we instantiated a transformative framework. Within this architecture, content effortlessly gravitated to user needs and preferences. What emerged wasn’t just a website, but a living, breathing, user-adaptive digital environment.


Ushering in a New Era in UX and CX Innovation

The project transcended being a mere success—it was a paradigm-shifting event in the realm of UX and CX. The avant-garde methodologies and processes under my stewardship set new industry benchmarks for content interaction and user-centric design.

Conclusive Thoughts

A Masterstroke in Digital Innovation

More than just a project, this initiative stands as a masterstroke in the annals of digital innovation. It underscored my comprehensive expertise in UX, UI, and CX strategy, testifying to my role as an industry trailblazer. Here, every page served as an origin point for discovery, and each discovery engendered a new, transformative user journey.

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