Redefining Military Training

A UX-Centric Approach with the Canadian Armed Forces

The Landscape:

At Redspace, as a Senior UX Professional, I was granted the unique opportunity to collaborate with the Canadian Armed Forces’ Light Vehicle Training (LvT) division. Our mission was straightforward yet ambitious: to create an innovative digital training ecosystem that could revolutionize the way both trainees and coaches interact and improve.

The Challenge:

Next-Generation Training Demands

Field training was proving costly for the CAF, not just in financial terms but also in environmental overhead; heavy vehicles were damaging the training grounds. The LvT division needed a system that could bridge the gap between virtual and real-world training while also offering robust analytics and communication features.

The Research:

Multi-Layered User Personas & Needs Analysis

A comprehensive investigation into the needs and behaviors of multiple user archetypes was conducted. Through this, we identified the key functionalities that would resonate most with trainees, coaches, and higher-level superiors.

The Strategy:

Holistic Performance Support System

We aimed to design a user-centric dashboard that serves dual roles—offering performance support to both trainees and coaches while also functioning as an all-encompassing Human Resource platform for the soldiers. From training progress, direct correspondence, to real-time weather and terrain conditions, the dashboard was conceptualized to be a one-stop solution.

The Design:

High-Fidelity User Flows & Wireframes

With the users’ needs in mind, we generated high-level user flows and wireframes. Our design philosophy was to keep the interface intuitive yet detail-rich, ensuring ease of use without compromising on functionality.

The Innovation:

Integrated Training Environment

The system would link directly with both virtual and real-world training platforms. Moreover, it would act as a repository for vital data, from granular performance metrics to global weather conditions, transforming the way the LvT division experiences training.

The Outcome:

A Transformative Digital Solution

The end result was a dynamic, responsive system that went beyond mere training tracking. It offered a 360-degree view of each soldier’s career path, providing not just performance analytics but also vital tools and resources that soldiers would require throughout their training.

The Future:

Enhanced Virtual Training & Career Pathways

With the prototype receiving positive reviews, the next steps include adding more advanced features for career path planning and further refining the virtual training modules.


Setting a New Standard in Military Training

The project marked a significant milestone in how digital platforms can be used to facilitate complex training ecosystems. It became more than just a dashboard; it was a comprehensive tool that redefined military training, empowering both trainers and trainees with data-driven, user-centric solutions.

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